Mission, Vision and Values

Women experiencing domestic violence and homelessness are at the heart of all HKWS  does.

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter opened its doors in 2015 in response to an identified need in the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai area to provide a safe place for women experiencing domestic violence and homelessness.  

Every woman deserves shelter, safety, and opportunity.

We are a community led organisation. Our services are client-driven and our work is only made possible through the support of amazing individuals and groups in our local community who volunteer their time and skills to help us assist women in need.

HKWS Shelter is located on Darug and Guringai land.

Our Purpose

We provide support for women experiencing domestic violence and homelessness through crisis accommodation and outreach services in the community.

HKWS is a place where women in need can access, short-term accommodation, safe, and secure, without judgement, or obligation.

We facilitate holistic services and provide practical assistance.

We empower vulnerable women, through opportunities for personal growth, and the development of life skills, to build a self-reliant future.

We commit to fostering a culture that is free from discrimination, where all women matter, regardless of age, sexuality, cultural and linguistic diversity, disability or mental illness.

We are a voice for vulnerable women and for a society in which every woman can live free from fear and experience life to her full potential.

Our Mission

To provide a safe place for women experiencing domestic violence and homelessness. We treat all women with dignity and respect, empowering them to create a better future.

Our Vision

A community that values all women, particularly vulnerable women, and supports those experiencing the trauma of domestic violence and homelessness.

Our Values

Compassion : Sympathy for another’s situation and a desire to relieve their suffering.

Integrity: Consistent and uncompromising adherence to ethical principles that are reflected in our actions.

Respect: Accepting others for who they are, building relationships of trust, safety and wellbeing.

Advocacy: Raise awareness, promote the needs and defend the rights of women experiencing domestic violence and homelessness.

Empowerment: Creating an environment in which everyone feels supported to grow, develop and succeed.

Empowering women in crisis to create a better future

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